In our world today, digital is the new future, which means that work at home jobs are more convenient than ever – especially when you’re a mom. Rather than the traditional 9 to 5 job, work at home jobs for moms lets you work on both your family and career simultaneously. You aren’t leaving anything behind as it’s a perfect balance. With remote jobs, you don’t necessarily need to have experience as several jobs accept you despite your lack of experience. In this article, we’ll be talking about certain work at home jobs for moms with no experience.

1. Freelance writer

freelance writing jobs

You don’t need any experience to apply as a freelance writer, which is what makes it one of the perfect work at home jobs for moms. There are various platforms you can find clients and projects as a freelancer. With this job, all you need is adequate English skills and proper grammar and vocabulary skills. As a mom, this is a great job as you have complete control of your time. You decide your deadlines and projects for clients, which means you can split your focus between your kids and work. Being a freelance writer also pays high, whether or not it acts as a part-time or full-time job.

Check out these freelance writing resources to get started quickly:

2. Online teacher

online teaching

Various students of all ages all over the world are looking to expand their knowledge in academic subjects. You don’t need the expertise for this job – all you need to possess is a friendly face and the knowledge to teach. If you’re particularly good at a specific subject, you can share this knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. As an example, many people are looking to gain expertise in English as a medium of instruction so if you’re fluent in English, this makes you perfect for the role. Another possible course you could setup would be how to build a website. The advantage as a mom here is you can still attend to your kids with this job since each session is approximately just an hour so it’s the best of both worlds as a work from home mom.

Some of the best online teaching platforms to create courses on are:

  • Teachable
  • Udemy
  • Thinkific
  • Skillshare

3. Forex trader

forex stock trading from home

The forex trading industry, otherwise known as foreign exchange trading, is one of the most underrated, yet profitable sources of income you can do at home. You don’t need a background in finance for this job since it’s fairly easy to learn about the financial market and how it works. In this entire list, being a forex trader is the one job you can potentially earn a huge amount of income from. Forex trading is all about the art of risk management and understanding how the market works. When trading, you can whatever you want with your day, even take your kids out for lunch.

Here are some excellent programs and software to get started with Forex trading while working at home:

4. Email and online support

online support jobs

A lot of companies are outsourcing customer service agents all over the world to attend to their inquiries and complaints. This way, they get the job done and cut back on costs. As an email support agent, you respond to customers on their concerns and inquiries. You may also deal with customer complaints and it’s your job to make the customer feel at ease. You need no experience for this – just a friendly tone, the ability to be patient and be knowledgeable in navigating emails. This is considered an admin job so you don’t need any skills for this.

5. Social media marketing

social media work at home jobs

We live in an era that’s so technologically advanced, and this includes the massive use of social media. Various businesses are using social media as platforms to boost their business and captivate more customers. If you’re tech-savvy and you know how to interact and engage with potential customers through the content you post, this is a great job for you. You can run their social media for them as a social media manager, or there are ways to make money by posting your own social media content. As a mom, this allows you to control your time and attend to your kids whenever you want.

Here are some great ways to do Social Media marketing online and get paid:

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed insight into the work from jobs you can take as a mom. These are all jobs that you can take that allow you to balance your family life and career accordingly. Your kids and family are an important part of your life but it doesn’t mean you can let your career slide altogether. With these jobs above, you can have complete control of your time without worrying about neglecting one aspect entirely.

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